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As part of the LMG’s drive to recruit a new generation of diverse talent, the London Insurance Life (@LIL) campaign was launched in 2017.  @LIL seeks to bring together young people considering their career options with young people working in the London insurance market, through targeted careers events and social media.

The primary audience for @LIL is young people who are contemplating their future working life.  The secondary audience is the people who influence them – such as friends, teachers, guardians and parents. Our aim is to open their eyes to the varied career opportunities that the London insurance market offers.

@LIL engages young people through its social media pages, which feature ‘people posts’ - short interviews from people working in the market in a number of different roles.  These posts give a flavour of what working life in the London market is like and the @LIL pages also promote details of entry level schemes and job opportunities.

Key to the success of the @LIL campaign are its ambassadors – people who work in the market that act as relatable role models for the people we are trying to attract.  There are currently around 130 ambassadors who give up their time to help promote a career in the London market to a new generation at careers events.

Being an @LIL ambassador offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to help attract new and diverse talent into the London market, whilst developing your own professional skills such as public speaking and it creates useful networking opportunities with other young professionals in the market.

We are currently recruiting ambassadors so if you are interested involved in the @LIL campaign please contact: Femi.Williams@londonmarketgroup.co.uk

To find out more about the @LIL social media pages please visit:



Ronan Homer, underwriting assistant, professional and financial risks, Markel International

“As an active @LIL ambassador, I have attended several careers fairs, schools and college events giving advice to young individuals about career opportunities available in the London Market. Carrying out these tasks on behalf of @LIL has improved my presentation skills and my confidence to speak in front of an audience and influence people. I’m enjoying being part of this campaign, it’s exciting to be able to encourage new talent and broaden the appeal of the market to a new generation of people.”


Shakeela Khanom, Responsible Business Assistant, Internal Communications, Culture and Engagement, Beazley

“Since starting my career in insurance through an internship programme, I have always wanted to ‘give back’ by helping young people to understand the career opportunities available to them in insurance.

“On top of my job as a Responsible Business Assistant at Beazley, being an @LIL ambassador is a great way to achieve this.  The programme helps to promote career opportunities in insurance to young people who either aren’t aware of the industry or don’t know how to get into it.  It’s a great way to attract a talented and diverse workforce.”


Being an ambassador is an excellent way to extend your network and develop new skills.

The group meets regularly to help shape the campaign and celebrate successes.


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