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The contract certainty project began in December 2004 with an FSA challenge to the UK insurance industry to end the "deal now detail later culture". The industry took steps to improve way it develops and agrees contracts ensuring that the Insured has greater certainty over what it has bought and the Insurer greater certainty over what it has committed to.

FSA recognised the success of this work in its announcement on January 24th 2007. The Contract Certainty Steering Committee made a further announcement in January 2008 confirming continued progress.

Contract certainty has brought operational improvements across the industry, reducing risk and improving service. Contract certainty applies to general insurance contracts either entered into by a UK-regulated insurer, or effected through a UK-regulated broker. Contract certainty is achieved by the complete and final agreement of all terms between the insured and insurer by the time that they enter into the contract, with contract documentation provided promptly thereafter.

The links on the contract certainty guidance page provide access to the guidance published to assist the industry in achieving contract certainty. This guidance has been refreshed in October 2012, to reflect changes in regulatory structures and to tidy up minor inconsistencies. There are no substantive changes to the principles, guidance or model checklist material.

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Contract Certainty Code of Practice October 2012 - clean copy* 9/11/2012 PDF 54KB

Contract Certainty Code of Practice October 2012 - changes marked 9/11/2012 PDF 54KB

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