What is in scope?

The majority of all new claims can be processed via ECF and are described under sections 3 and where applicable, section 4 of the Lloyd’s SP&P document. 

There are certain circumstances that ECF has not been required to support and some other instances where system change or further definition of market processes is required to enable full support.  

The claims and business types that are not currently supported by ECF can be split into two categories as detailed below: 

Business or Claim Types that ECF has Never Been Required to Support 

·         Claims on unsigned risks
·         Claims Payable Abroad (CPA)
·         General Average (GA) and marine salvage (where a guarantee is issued and administered by XCS)
·         Letters of Credit, Loss Reserves and Outstanding Cash Advance (OCAs)
·         Proportional Treaties (Treaty Scheme)
·         Scheme Canada
·         Bulk Settlements 

Business or Claim Types Excluded from the Current Implementation of ECF

The classes of business and types of claims or situations detailed in the list below are excluded from the current implementation of ECF and require further analysis before a solution can be developed.  

·         Co-Lead Binding Authorities
·         Certain Multiple OSND claims
·         Non-cash settlements
·         Direct Livestock Scheme (This does not include other Livestock claims, which are in scope)

During the life of an electronic claim situations may arise where a claim has to revert to paper. These are detailed within the body of the Lloyd’s SP&P document. 

Where parties involved in ECF early implementations (prior to Phase 5 delivery of ECF) have successfully implemented any of the above classes of business and are not in contravention of the Repository Rules, those parties may continue to process these claims electronically.  

Escalation Procedure 

Each managing agent and broker should have an ECF Project Manager and Business Sponsor. It is strongly recommended that users know who these individuals are within their own organisations.  

Where questions arise as to whether a particular claim or class of business is either in or out of scope, these questions should be raised via users’ appropriate Project Manager or Business Sponsor.  

In this way, agreed discussion may take place between appropriate parties within the managing agent, broker, MRO and XCS organisations. It is hoped that these discussions will result in more claims being able to be handled via ECF. Organisations’ Business Sponsors or Project Managers may raise issues with the MRO, for discussion at either the Electronic Claims File User Group (ECFUG) or the Brokers’ Electronic Claims Committee (BECC) if necessary.

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