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2018 activity

With activity in 2017 being predominately focused on building an internal campaign, focus for 2018 has been towards broadcasting the campaign on a more global basis.

Creating a London Market presence overseas
Along with maintaining the positive internal messaging, we have worked closely with London Market firms throughout 2018, via our Board and Steering group to identify the key global markets where the campaign could be targeted. The first of these target markets was the US where we identified the WSIA Annual Marketplace conference (held in September 2018) as a key conference to undertake our activity. 

At this conference, a dedicated room will be hosted to showcase the London Market's breadth of expertise and depth of resource when managing complex and challenging risks. The area will also be open for attendees to use as a meeting space whilst enjoying some light refreshments, comfortable seating and branded campaign giveaways. In doing so, it is our aim to promote what the London Market "makes possible" when assisting clients getting back on their feet.

Developing education materials
Outside of our conference activity, we have been working with market firms, both in the UK and US, to create education material to further promote our market. Whilst still in development, the goal of this would be to identify ways in which support could be provided to education and training initiatives that deepen participants’ understanding of the non-admitted market and London’s role within it. It would also build a curriculum that would focus on the “insurance market of the future” and the needs it will be expected to serve. The beneficiaries of such initiatives could include brokers, risk managers and students with a focus on insurance and risk management.

Ongoing internal promotion
Whilst promoting the campaign abroad is crucial, so is the ongoing internal activity. To this end, we continue to develop new stories and illustrations that demonstrate the wide variety of business the London Market is involved with and how it continues to be the leading market for commercial and specialty risk.

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