PPL comes of age with one of the largest transactions at Lloyd’s

PPL comes of age with one of the largest transactions at Lloyd’s

The board of PPL is pleased to announce that the electronic placing platform was used to close the Aon Client Treaty facility for 2018. This is probably the largest and most complex transaction in the Lloyd’s market. At 191 pages long, it covers 20 different underwriting authorities and almost every specialty risk class in the market – over 4,000 lines are transacted on an annual basis for nearly 2000 clients.

Chris Beazley, Chief Executive of the London Market Group said: "The fact that the platform was used to complete this incredibly complex transaction is proof positive that PPL has come of age. This is hard evidence that PPL has the functionality to handle the tough stuff and deliver real service improvements. The collaboration between the broker, underwriters and the PPL team in making this happen was first class and shows what the market can do when it pulls together.”

PPL is a core component of the London Market Target Operating Model.


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Caroline Wagstaff, Luther Pendragon  |  Tel: 020 7618 9158

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