PPL gains momentum with marine classes online

PPL gains momentum with marine classes online

PPL gains momentum with marine classes online
March 6, 2017– the board of PPL Ltd has announced today that Marine business is now available on the PPL platform.

David Ledger, Chairman of the PPL Board said "The marine market represents the historic roots of the London Market, and we are delighted that this significant class of business has joined the PPL community. We have 950 marine underwriters and brokers set-up and ready to start using the platform.

“Market adoption across the existing lines of business is growing and, as the platform gains more users and improvements come on line, so we are seeing market confidence increase. Since the beginning of 2017, we have added stand-alone Political Violence risks as an extension to the Terrorism class of business, and we are making a number of upgrades to the platform as well as enhancements to functionality and usability.”

For more information please contact:
Caroline Wagstaff, Luther Pendragon | Tel: 020 7618 9158

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