PPL goes live with facilities and platform improvements

PPL goes live with facilities and platform improvements

9th October 2017 – the board of PPL Ltd announced that a major update to the platform went live today, containing the brand new facilities functionality, over 20 market requests for change, a number of performance, security and usability enhancements. PPL is a core component in the London Market Target Operating Model modernisation programme and this release contains the first phase of the carrier integration capability which takes the market one step closer to straight through processing.

David Ledger, Chairman of the PPL Board said: "This release is what the market has been waiting for and we are very grateful for everyone’s patience. Guaranteeing the quality that the market expects and needs is of primary importance to everyone at PPL and the collaboration and participation of all the market firms, both brokers and underwriters, has been vital in achieving the delivery of this release.

“We do know from the encouraging response to market demonstrations of the release that it delivers real improvements to users, and we are confident that it is deserving of a wider market take up.”




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