The London Market Group is using social media to attract A-level students

The London Market Group is using social media to attract A-level students

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17th August 2017 – With A-level results out today, the London Market Group (LMG) is
using social media to target students to attract a new generation of talent into the London
insurance market.

With an overarching aim to create a diverse and dynamic workforce, the LMG is using its
London Insurance Life (@LIL) social media campaign (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter*)
to bring roles in the London insurance market to life. @LIL is primarily targeted at young
people considering their career choices, but also those who support them such as friends,
teachers and parents.

Teresa Bentley, Talent & Diversity lead at LMG said:
“We want to start a conversation with school and college leavers via social media and offer
them a snapshot of the careers the London insurance market offers. Since the launch in
January we have posted a mixture of 37 jobs and schemes from numerous insurance
businesses, combined with photos, videos and interviews with people from across the
market to give a glimpse of working life in the London Market. This is a powerful and
immediate way of attracting quality talent into interesting and rewarding careers and we
are already seeing positive results.”

Catherine Davies, Operations Manager at AXA Real Estate said:
“We have been extremely impressed by the quality of candidates applying via @LIL. It is a
excellent way of advertising the London market and provides applicants with an insight as
to what the London market offers. We have successfully recruited one applicant as a result
of @LIL and their progress has been great to see.”

LMG is attracting @LIL followers by working with diversity partners and education
establishments, as well as promoting its social media pages and London market careers at
events. It has covered 8 careers events nationally this year with more planned including an
insight event for careers advisors.

For more information please contact:
Charlie Evans, Luther Pendragon | Tel: 0207 618 9123
*Facebook/Instagram: @londoninsurancelife Twitter: @londoninslife

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