Think Tank launched to assess challenges to the London Market workforce

Think Tank launched to assess challenges to the London Market workforce

December 14, 2018: The London Market Group (LMG) today announced the launch of the Future Workforce Think Tank, designed to assess the new challenges faced by the workforce of the future and develop recommendations in response. The work of the Think Tank will be supported by KPMG.

Clare Lebecq, CEO of the LMG commented “In 2016, we undertook research to investigate the changing skills required for London to retain its pre-eminent position in the global insurance market as technology changes the way we all work. The results highlighted the fact that digital and technology developments are a key influencer on future skills, and London was not well prepared for the changes the future will require in these areas.

“We have completed a first phase of work to assess the impact of electronic placing on broking and underwriting skills, launching the Think Tank is the next stage. Essentially, it will look at the key trends and technology disrupters that will impact the shape of the future workforce. Leveraging expertise from market colleagues who are already assessing what the future might hold and digital experts, it will also analyse how the skills required will be affected and undertake a deep dive into the impact on core London market roles – as well as looking at the effects in the medium to long term

We hope the full report will be published in the spring of 2019 and will articulate what actions the London Market should take to build a workforce that is fit for the future.”

For more information please contact:
Caroline Wagstaff, Luther Pendragon | Tel: 020 7618 9158


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Think Tank launched to assess challenges to the London Market workforce

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